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We activate it in 

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We are active in Prisons, Families, Schools, Crèches, Communities, Businesses - We all own a share in the wellbeing of our Society


The SmilingOne Initiative has since January 2008 been echoing its impact in South African Prisons, challenged communities and throughout the Western Cape. The SmilingOne Team of Change Agents inspire change and responsible living by availing themselves as Students and Explorers, inviting their Circles of Change™ Students to explore/learn alongside them… unlocking potential!

The programme creates a platform for personal values-based leadership development - using THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL - involving youth, families and the community as a whole!

The SmilingOne Foundation was founded
by Karina Andersen as part of her personal Circles of Change™ Education

Karina has a deep passion for people and community development. Her passion has been instrumental in developing the Circles of Change™ Academy and facilitating this highly unique approach, touching people's lives in communities such as South African Prisons (since January 2008), Re-integration (since October 2009) and in local communities in Cape Town (from 2010 - Youth and Community Empowerment).

Franklin Esau has trained personally with Karina since 2009, he met her and SmilingOne inside Brandvlei Maximum Prison. In 2012 he reintegrated and continued to deepen himself in TRI & COC. He has since joined the SmilingOne Board and founded CMD (central music district) Project He is today Change Agent... fully living into his potential.

Bradley Hess is another Change Agent extraordinaire. Similar to Franklin also he has trained with Karina since 2009. He is one of our Master Coaches and responsible for facilitating our Malmesbury & Pollsmoor Prison Processes. He also runs our Ravensmead High School Project. With 9+ years in Circles of Change™ Education he has added tremendous value to SmilingOne and to the development of concepts.

Our Team grows daily as more of our Students step into their potential....