Circles of Change™ (COC)

We have through the past 12+ years developed an approach that we call CIRCLES OF CHANGE™ (COC). It is an approach that we have learned by working intensively in change processes – with individuals and their communities. 

CIRCLES OF CHANGE™ (COC) consists of THREE PILLARS (key change elements) where THE RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL™ (TRI) is an essential puzzle piece in each of these pillars – as a personal values-based leadership development programme, as an entrepreneurial skills development programme and as a way of leading a life in gratitude and service. 

The COC invites a society to join hands – each of us adding our unique puzzle piece.

The best way to understand COC is to activate it. Here at SmilingOne we are aware that you cannot 'be told' the Circles of Change™ process. It has to come ALIVE as you awaken to more of you and your potential.