Responsible Rehabilitation | Reintegration post release

2008 - 2020 

Our SmilingOne Founder Karina Andersen offered an intensified process to about 250 inmates (directly) of which 34 inmates were selected to take on an in-depth coach educational training with her (3 years minimum). These became the Change Agents. 

Hand in hand with these 34 Change Agents 'in the making' thousands of inmates have been exposed to the path of awakening on the enabling platform offered by the SmilingOne Team - provided the opportunity to study and deepen themselves in the The Responsible Individual™ (TRI) Depth Coaching Methodology, building self leadership & entrepreneurial toolkits. 

Upon reintegration the committed Change Agents were supported to build the bridge back home to their families and communities. Today they are running their own organisations, businesses and some our still working alongside Karina, bringing the transformational approach of SmilingOne into prisons, schools and communities.

Please note more inmates have joined the educational path since then... the numbers featured here were 2018 numbers


We would love to scale our approach which works absolute MAGIC!! We are focused on applying for sponsorships to invite partnerships so we may bring our enabling platform, teams of Change Agents and our personal values-based leadership program to many more prisons across the country... we develop leaders in some of our most challenged environments.

We are on a mission to activate South Africa’s full potential by addressing one of its biggest challenges: CRIME… through crime diversion (TRI in prisons) and crime prevention (TRI in schools). In many communities in South Africa we experience people locked in a poverty mindset which leads to crime, abuse against women and children, inequality, racism, addiction, teen pregnancies, school drop outs, unemployment etc. We are in dire need to break these continuous cycles, to move beyond the victim mentality, to fully own ‘the experience’, embracing responsibility and stepping into self leadership. 

Evidence Based 
  1. An Abundance Mindset, Awakened Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development: CRIME DIVERSION & PREVENTION
  2. ROLE MODELS: Teams of Coaches & Change Agents to be activated within the high risk communities to address the poverty mindset.. breaking cycles of crime, abuse, addiction, poverty etc. We have amazing evidence from our work the past 13 years
    1. those in educational training inside prison supports the training in their immediate environment, they become part of creating the enabling platform for the program in each learning hub, while still incarcerated 
    2. upon reintegration deploying our SmilingOne Change Agents  in South African Schools in high risk areas… to journey with the high risk youth for crime prevention/diversion and assist the youth in elevating themselves onto a growth path, instead of feeding poverty mindset, feeding an abundance mindset. The Change Agent is a relatable adult who deeply understands the challenge of growing up in a high risk community. 
    3. Job Creation… those who have trained on our platform can be given contracts in our project to assist the growth of the approach and/or bring their own ideas/innovations to the platform.